Travel visa for UK

Travel visa for UK

UK is leading country in Europe in term of economy, culture, education and industrialization and that is why million  people visit this country on the daily basis. The visitor naturally required a legal document or visa to travel this part of the world. The visitors who do not have relative or friends in the UK then they must have a tourist visa for this purpose. This tourist visa permit the visa holder to visit his business deals, family and friends or he can participate in sports or any other cultural events. This visitor visa may be for private medical treatment or just to visit this country. To get this visits visa to the UK requires some basic things just as the applicant of this visits visa must satisfy the immigration authorities that he has enough funds to support himself in this country during his visit without work or getting public funds of this country. The UK standard visitor visa is granted for six months for different purposes like medical treatment, attending conferences or seminars, visit friends and family members and to visit this country. This visa requires a sound financial position to support himself in the UK during this visits for next six months.

Tourist visitor visa basic requirements.

The standard visitor visa is  an ideal visit visa that has replace all other visa just as family visitor visa, general visitor visa, child visitor visa, business visitor visa, sports visitor visa, entertainer visitor visa, prospective entrepreneur visa, private medical treatment visitor visa etc. This the UK standard visit visa has some fundamental requirements that must be fulfilled by the applicant. This visa is valid for six months and the holder of this visits visa can stay there for maximum six months not more than this. He/she must be declared that he/she will financially sound and will support themselves in the UK. Moreover, he/she will not take both paid or unpaid employment in the UK. This standard visa is allow the visa holders to multiple entries to the UK during this six months visa validity.
UK standard visitor visa procedure.

This standard visits visa can be applied online inside or outside the UK, the duration of this visa process is depending upon the applicant country or other requirements. This visit visa to the UK require applicant fingerprints and photograph it is called bio metric information and this visa allow the applicant to six months in the UK. The applicant must prove in immigration that he will leave the UK after six months. Moreover, the applicant shows that he has many families ties in his own country and the purpose of his visit is just to visit the country. The applicant also indicate that what is the plan or purpose of his visit and where he will stay in the UK. Initially an appointment is compulsory to visit visa process  at Visa Application Centre at applicant native country. On appointment day take all the necessary documents with you and if some documents are not in English you have to translate them into English. Then, at this application centre the papers are reviewed and bio metric information will be taken. If all find according to requirements, then the standard visit visa will be awarded to the applicant in next two to three days from the embassy.

The UK standard visitor visa requirements.

1. Applicant must have a valid passport and the validity must be at least six months.
2. Recent passport-sized color photograph of applicant.
3. Prove of study or employment in native country.
4. Proof that the applicant have enough funds to support himself in the UK during the six months.
5. Online application form.
6. Resident permit if needed.

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