Travel visa for Dubai

Travel visa for Dubai
Dubai is a commercial and industrial hub of Emirates and it is more famous among the all seven emirates. Dubai entry needs visa, but it depends that what types of visa is required because it depends upon the duration of visa, purpose of visit and nationality of visitor. The citizens from 39 GCC countries and individuals from listed countries do not require visa before the entry to approach in Dubai. Travels from the world first to check the countries list mentioned by the Dubai government who can enter without visa. In an other case the visitor require a visa to enter in Dubai as well as a sponsor who gets the Dubai visa on the behalf of the visitor. Travel visa can be arranged through hotels and tourists companies on the behalf of the applicant and this tourist visa is valid for 30 days. However, this visa can be extended after the expiry. Dubai nationals can sponsor their relatives and friends for a visit visa. Dubai workers get their visa work visa through an employer or sponsor from Dubai. There are various types of visa are there in Dubai just as Entry Service Permit, that is valid for 14 days stay. Tourist Visa, this visa validity is for 30 days and it can be extended for 40 days. Visit Visa, this visa allows the visitor to stay in Dubai for sixty days. Transit Visa, this visa is valid from 96 hours to 14 days.

  1. Entry service permit for Dubai.
    This visa is for those professionals who are serving in organization or company as an account auditor, a sales manager or a company representative and presence of this employee is vital for company required this visa. Then, this employee required this an entry service permit and it has a short validity period of 14 days, but the representative can stay for next 14 days without extending this visa. The sponsor can obtain this visa on the behalf of employee or visitor. This visa required valid passport and flight details.

    2. Tourist visa for Dubai.
    This tourist visa is sponsored by the hotels and touring companies, this visa is issued for thirty days, but can be extended in to next ten days. This visa is prearranged visa and it requires an honored passport. The tourist visa is a special form of the regular visit visa to Dubai, it is available for many countries nationals. This visa allows the visa holder to stay in Dubai for thirty days, which is extendable and it also requires a sponsor like hotel or a licensed tour operator.

    3. Visit visa for Dubai.
    If the applicant wants to visit Dubai or visit their family and friends, then he requires a visit visa. This visa is valid for 14 days and it requires a sponsor from the Dubai UAE. The sponsor may be the hotels, company or resident of this country. The sponsor if he is relative he needs to deposit a 2000 AED as a guarantee refundable at the time when the visitor depart from Dubai. Dubai visit visa is valid for 2 months extendable to another months for a fee of 500 AED. To obtain this visa the applicant must provide the copy of passport which must be valid at least for three months and flight details.

    4. Transit visa for Dubai.

This visa is issued on confirmed hotel reservation and it is issued for 96 hours, but can be used for 14 days. This visa is for those transit passenger who are going to change their flight and want to stay more than eight hours. They can get this 96 hours transit visa, but the eligibility for this visa is that the transit passenger must have valid passport, next destination must be booked and have an airline sponsorship.

Documents required for a Dubai travels visa.

  1. Valid passport copies of the applicant travel to Dubai.
  2. Copy of confirmed flight booking to Dubai UAE.
  3. Bank approval letter or bank statement.
  4. Recent color passport-sized photographs of applicant.
  5. Visa fee paid receipt for Dubai.

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