Student Visa UK

Student Visa UK

England is best in educational system, it contains an outstanding universities, colleges and schools. The UK welcomes all foreign students from the other countries who want to study in this country. The UK student visa is now changed in to Tier 4 Student Visa. The student who has an offer a full-time place at a UK educational institution, then he may eligible to student visa. International students from outside England and European Union require a student visa for studies in the UK. The student can apply for student visa who want to take admission in a full-time degree course in the UK. Student visa is not awarded to part-time courses, the eligibility is confirmed through a points-based system known as Tier 4 Student Visa. If student apply for a Tier 4 student visa, then visa  he/ she must score 40 points to qualify for this visa. The 30 points are awarded for an unconditional offer for an approved course at a Tier 4 sponsor institution. The remaining ten points are given to student if he/she has enough funds to pay tuition fee, living expenditures and others. When student get the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from concerned university, then he/she will apply for this visa. The Student  requires to apply student visa three months prior to course starts.
There are three different student visa are available for the UK
.1. Short-term study visa.

Short-term study visa is for short courses just as study of an English language course or a training course in the UK. This allow the student to live in the UK for six months and it costs £85 for a six month visa.

  1. Tier 4 (Child) student visa.

This Tier 4 (Child) student visa is for the students having age between 4 and 17 and desire to study in an independent school in England.

  1. Tier 4 (General) student visa.
    This study visa is for over 18 years of age and it is for all universities degrees, it requires different types of requirements from medical examination to police clearance certificate.

Tier 4 student visa requirements.

1. Tier 4 student visa application form.
2. Student valid passport and previous passport that contains England visa.
3. Two recent passport sized color photographs.
4. Financial supporting documents those prove that student have enough funds to meet the expenditure.
5. A new student requires at least £1,015 per month to cover the first nine months of course.
6. If student is with spouse or children he shows that £6,120 available per dependent.
7. One month bank statement, bank letters and savings books.
8. If student is sponsored by someone, then officially financially sponsored letter.
9. Police registration certificate (if required).
10. Marriage or birth certificates if required.
11. Medical certificate from authorized doctor or hospital for tuberculosis screening.

Tier 4 student visa procedure.

When a student receives an unconditional offer from university and then the next process is to apply visa for the UK. The visa process takes time so apply at least six weeks to starts the course. The Students will submit all relevant documents like original passport along with Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from selected university at the  United Kingdom embassy or consulate personally or through trusted courier service. The British embassy will take time to assess all these documents for few days, then the student is called up for an interview at the Visa Application Centre in native country of the student. This interview is conducted to check English language level and your study is genuine not other than studies in the UK. If the student has an original document, have sound knowledge of the course and have appropriate finances to support then there is no need to worry. On approval of this Tier 4 student visa the officer will stamp on the passport and paste a sticker for identification.

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