Immigration to Dubai

Immigration to Dubai

Dubai entry visa is different for different countries, this Emirate allow some countries individuals to stay her for thirty days without any visit visa. All visitors must have return ticket and a valid passport with them. The validity of passport required three months for visitors and six months for employment. The resident visa work visa is released from the related authorities in United Arab Emirates and the request is made through the employer. Other than the GCCS or Gulf Co-operation Council States the applicant get their visa through United Arab Emirates sponsor. The foreigner who wishes to live and work in Dubai then they required a resident visa that is also known as an employment visa. The foreigner who purchased property in Dubai are entitled for residence visa, but the property must be transferred to foreigner name. This resident visa validity is for three years and this will be issued to the applicant after completing medical examination. This health card cast is about 300 Dubai Durham and it is annually renewed by health authority. Applicants who fail the AIDS test will not be released a residence visa to him. There are various ways to get permanent resident visa to UAE, while the option for this permanent visa are the employment, family and business categories. This application process will be charged AED 310 per family member.

Employment based Dubai immigration.
The Dubai work permit is the best choice to immigrate to Dubai United Arab Emirates, initially this work visa is issued for three years and it, then extend to indefinitely.

Family-sponsored immigration Dubai.
The applicant who has family in Dubai can get immigration through family sponsorship. This sponsorship allows the applicant to live and stay in Dubai because of this sponsorship.

Business and investor Dubai immigration.
The United Arab Emirates immigration support entrepreneurs and investors in permanent residency in Dubai. These businessmen and investor provides the proof of their business plans and assets or offer for investment.

Dubai immigration visa requirements.

  1. Applicant who want to sponsor someone must earn not less than AED 4000 or AED 3000 and accommodation and if the applicant is trying to sponsor his parents, then his salary must be AED 10,000.
    2. A specified types application form for sponsorship.
    3. Salary certification from the employer if the employee is government employee or attested work contract for other employees.
    4. Long time resident required bank statement for three months while new resident require one month bank statement.
    5. Emirates ID card of employee and labor card.
    6. Attested and verified tenancy contract.
    7. In case of spouse relation a marriage certificate from native country where this marriage was held.
    8. Original and valid passport and its copies of sponsor and family member.
    9. Medical examination report from registered and authorized hospital or doctor.
    10. Three passport sized color photographs from family members.

Dubai immigration visa procedure.

There are few necessary instruction for applicant who are going to apply sponsorship to his family members from abroad to Dubai as a permanent resident of this country. Make sure that you have got medical certificate of your spouse and children over 15 years of age from authorized doctor or hospital. Then, visit any authorized typing office and get typed application form and deposit fee, after this visits GDRFA and submit sponsor application form there. Make sure that all necessary documents of family members are attached with this application. The applicant who has more than one wives can get only one residency visa. This family residency visa will be valid until a family member remain outside the Dubai United Arab Emirates not more than six months.


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