Family visa for Dubai

Family visa for Dubai

Dubai is main job provider Emirate in the UAE and the majority of the skill and unskilled workers are doing their jobs. There are numbers of workers in Dubai those want to migrate their families from their native countries to Dubai. The family visa through that a family can be shifted from their countries to Dubai is known as residence permits in UAE. This visa allows the spouse and kids to live in Dubai for two years. The family visa is vital if a family member want to move Dubai to join his other family member. This family visa sponsoring of parents, spouse, and children who are under 18 years. While this family visa will be applicable if the sponsor earning is more than Dh.4000 a month. The sponsor can invite the parents on a renewable visa, but the sponsor will deposit Dh.5000 for each parent and will get an insurance policy from the private insurance company. However, this deposit amount will be refund after the parent leaves the Dubai. If the sponsor or foreign worker have valid resident visa and earning Dh.6000 with residency or Dh.7000 without residency can get renewable resident visa for parents. A female sponsor is allowed to sponsor her spouse and children for residence visa and she earn require amount for this family visa, but she should be a doctor; engineer or teacher. The residence visa is valid for two years and other 30 days are given as a grace period for renewal. All the documents are the  same, but only a fresh medical certificate is required for this.

Documents required for Dubai family visa
1. Duly filled typed application form for family visa process.
2. Valid and genuine passport of family visa sponsor.

  1. Passport copy of spouse and children and photo.
    4. A copy of employment contract and salary certificate from the employer.
  2. DEWA bill and applicant tenancy contract copy that you have enough space to accommodate family members.
    6. One month bank statement for new employee and three month bank statement for a long-time residents of Dubai is required for this family visa process.
    7. Emirates ID card and labor card of an employee.
    8. Wedding certificate attested by the UAE authorities or native country attestation.
    9. Medical certificate of spouse and children over 15 years old from mentioned doctor.

Family visa for Dubai procedure.

Family members they are probably wife and children who are outside the Dubai and for that the applicant first apply for entry residence visa and then after their arrival in Dubai the applicant have 30 more days to apply  for the residence stamp. The applicant will pay visa application fee AED 310 per family member and get medical certificate for all family members including wife. The medical test consist of blood test and x-ray of the chest and its expenditure would be about AED 290. The family member under 15 years of age do not require medical examination. The report of this medical test will be available in 48 hours and the applicant also receive an SMS about tests result from hospital. The health insurance is compulsory in UAE so after the medical exam the applicant require to take insurance of their family members. After this visits, GDRFA and submit application form along other related documents for residence visa stamp GDRFA and submit application form along other related documents for residence visa stamp on family members passports at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, Dubai. The residency visa remain valid if all the members are not depart UAE for more than six months. If the applicant has more than one wives, then only one will get residency visa.

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