Family visa for Australia

Family visa for Australia

Australia is also a new destination of immigrants and reason is that it allows the foreign skilled and qualified workers to live in this country. It provides peaceful and financially the best environment to world immigrants and after some time Australia award them nationality. That is why the majority of the individuals try to settle in this part of the world. An Australian citizen or permanent resident family member, which is in Australia can invite his spouse, children, parents and other family members in Australia. There are many ways through these family members can join the Australian citizen or permanent resident. Family visa for Australia allow the spouse, finance, same sex partner and a de facto spouse to enter in Australia. The Sponsor from Australia or New Zealand citizen will be responsible to their financial support and accommodation. To sponsor the family members the sponsor should be an Australian permanent resident and financially sound although there is no financial limit for the sponsor, but he will be responsible for the financial support of the family members for two years and accommodation is also the responsibility of the sponsor. The sponsor must have a good moral character and he must be a legal permanent resident of this country.

Australian partner visa  to Australia.

The married or fiancée of an Australian citizen or permanent resident may apply for this Australian partner visa. The condition for this that all the applicant to this Australian partner visa must be sponsored by an Australian sponsor. The second condition is that an Australian sponsor provide an undertaking that he/she will financially support spouse or fiancée for initial two years in Australia. The Australian sponsor will arrange an accommodation and fulfill other needs of the sponsored person in Australia. The application for Australian partner visa will be assesses on relation, health and character of both sponsor and sponsored person. The Australian partner visa is fully based on marriage reality to your partner and this marriage if held from outside the Australia, then it should be recognized as valid under Australian law. Similarly in case of a de facto spouse and the relationship must be at least from last 12 months before applying this visa. The same sex partner is also eligible for this Australian partner visa and fiancée visa is valid for nine months and it can allow the fiancée to visit Australia.

Children visa to Australia.
An Australian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor his children, adopted and stepped children in Australia on family visa. The orphan child can apply on orphan relative visa category and he must be under the age of 18 years and do not have any parent to look after him, but the sponsor must be a relative and Australian citizen or permanent resident. The Australian sponsor can sponsor to his adopted children who are under the age of 18 years under the adoption category of family visa. The adoption child would be supported by a State or Territory adoption authority until the adoptive parent get resident visa in Australia. The real dependent children can live with the parent on their visa, but the sponsor must be the Australian citizen or permanent resident. If the visa is awarded to children they can apply to be added to partner visa application.

Parent visa to Australia.

The parents can get Australian parent visa as family visa if they have son or daughter who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident of this country or he/she is New Zealand citizen. The parent of Australian citizen or permanent resident are sponsored as he sponsored his child. This visa category is called the contributory parent visa category and under this category the sponsor deposit a higher visa application fee and a huge Assurance of Support (AoS) bond comparatively for longer duration.

Family member visa sponsorship to Australia.

This family visa to Australia is for other family members like children, parents, sister, brother, grandparent, uncle and step relative. However, the sponsor of this family visa must be an Australian citizen,  permanent resident of this country or the New Zealand citizen.

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