Canada student study visa

Canada student study visa

Canada is now becomes first option for student in the world, it provides the best study environment and have latest study methods. Canada is a developed country and has huge natural resources, it uses it’s main share of budget in education. Canada has fine class universities, colleges and other institutes which are providing excellent education. The Canadian educational institutes are excellent in delivering science and technology education. An international student require a study permit from Canada to study there. This study permits is issued when the Canadian educational institutes like university, college or other institute¬† accept the student. This study permits is the same as a Canadian student visa and it is valid until student education completion. The students who have a course that completes less than six months do not require a study permit or visa. However, if student complete its studies within six months and he/she wants to take admission in another course, then he/she will leave Canada to apply for a study visa through a visa office. So it is best to take your study permit first and then, take admission, if a student is full-time student at higher institute, then this study permit allows part-time work in campus. The study permits along with temporary residency visa is issued after completion of admission in Canada educational institutes.
The procedure for obtaining a Canadian student visa.

Canadian study permit can be obtained through online or paper application, it can be obtained from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC website. Online process is rapid, but it requires scan copies of documents and credit card for processing fee deposit online. The visa office of your native country will guide the students about the documents and other require information. Student initially require an acceptance letter from his selected recognized education institute, students are planning to study in Quebec they also require same acceptance from there it is called CAQ, from the Government of Quebec. This necessary before applying to study permit. The next is Canadian student visa application, which is available online or through Canadian embassy or consulate from your country. Along this application temporary residency permit is also required for staying there, but it will be obtained with study permit. When all the documents and application are ready and fee is paid then these papers can be submitted to CIC. However, few application require interview at local visa office of your country. When the Canadian student visa application is approved then students will receive a letter of introduction, and a temporary residence visa if needed. The student holds all these documents with him and show whenever demand, these documents are passport, proof of finance, acceptance letter from university or college from Canada. The border controls agency in Canada will issue Canadian study permit and it allows student access into Canada.

Canadian student study visa requirements.

There are few additional requirements from some countries students for Canadian student visa before the application submission.
1. Students from specific countries will provide bio metrics (photograph and fingerprints).
2. Medical examination clearance certificate from authorized doctor or hospital from native country.
3. Police clearance certificate from local police station of applicant own country because if any criminal record found,  then the study permit will not be issued to student on this ground.

4. A valid passport of student who, is applying to study permit in Canada.
5. Two color passport sized photographs having name and date of birth on their back.
6. Proof of financial funds or bank statement that shows you have enough funds to pay your fee, accommodation and transportation charges.

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