Business Visa for UK.

Business Visa for UK.

England is the business and commercial hub in the Europe, UK government encourage the workers from the world who have some special skills and qualification. The UK authorities also encourage and provide opportunities to the foreign investors to invest money in stable and secure environment. The foreign investor not only invest and earn profit for himself, but at the same time they provide jobs to the local individuals. The British government welcome the investors who can uplift the economy of this country. The UK provides the best opportunity to investors, entrepreneurs and skilled person from the outside the UK. England government has many plan for the foreign investors in the shape of various the UK business visas. The United Kingdom facilitate the businessman who wants to migrate from their native countries to the UK, but all the different business visas types have different requirements. The scheme for inducting businessmen from the world is not only to enhance the economy of this country, but they will provide jobs to the local individuals. Moreover, businessmen from the globe try to new destination for their business and get advantages offer by the native government as well as some extra benefits or packages.

There are three main following business visa categories

1. Tier 1 Investor Visa.
The business visa for those businessmen or personalities who are willing to invest their capital in United kingdom for the country and their own benefits. This Tier 1 investor visa is for the those investors who do not participate or indulge in business, but just provide a handsome amount of money to this country and get back few interests and advantages. This visa is sanction for three years initially, but it can be extended for further two years. However, if the applicant does not have required amount of money, then the extension may be refused. The investor after this can apply for permanent residency. The spouse and the kids of the investor can live, work and study on this visa. This Tier 1 investor visa demands some basic requirements from the applicant or investor just as.

1. The applicant or investor of this investor visa must have and want to invest at least £1 million or more than this value.
2. The applicant must invest £750,000 in private firms only and the investor cannot deposit this money in bank account, property or in any offshore firms.
3. The remaining amount is up to applicant desire that where he wants to invest or use it.
4. The applicant may not take part as an employed other than managing and planning investment.
5. The applicant of Tier 1 investor visa will give its 50% time in England.
6. The applicant for this visa must have enough funds for processing this visa and have good command on English.

2. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa.
This visa is awarded to those individuals who want to establish new business in this country and involve in this business as management personality. This visa is awarded initially for two years and can be extended for next three years. The bearer of this visa can apply for permanent residency after five years. The dependant can also be entertained on this business visa and they can get a job, attend school and live in the UK. This Tier 1 entrepreneur visa demands some basic requirements from the applicant or investor just as.

1. The entrepreneur visa applicant must have at least £200,000 to initiate the suggested business.
2. The entrepreneur visa applicant can establish any sort of business, but will participate as a full-time businessman.
3. Applicant must take a share of the business accountability.
4. Applicant must contains handsome amount to run business even the business becomes generate profit.
5. Applicants must have a business plan and funds to process visa application.
6. English language ability test clearance certificate as IELTS.

3. European Union Association Agreement.

This business visa is designed for Bulgaria and Romania citizens, who will start their business in the UK and will operate this business. This visa is awarded initially for two years and it can be extended to next three years. After this the applicant can apply for permanent residency. Dependents of applicant can join the applicant in the UK. The followings are the basic requirement.

1. The applicant for this visa will only run their business and will not get any other job.
2. The applicant must contains enough money to smoothly run his business.
3. The applicant must have an applicable business plan.

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