Business visa for Canada  

Business visa for Canada

Canada is among the developed countries and it enhancing it economy in many ways. This country hire skilled workers from the world and also encourage the businessmen from the world. Canada provides an opportunity the foreign investor in the form of business visa who want to invest and establish new business in this country. The Canadian government allow the foreign investor for investing money and boost the economy of this country. This business immigration program invite the experienced investor to Canada. Canada is looking for people who have sufficient amount of money for investment and vast experience in business. Entrepreneurs program is for those experienced businessmen actively run businesses in Canada. Similarly the self-employed is for those immigrants who will develop their own business to support himself and family in Canada. The Canadian government appreciate and encourage the foreign investors to invest their money in different fields and contribute in the country economy. Canadian government ensure that the environment for investment is an ideal and the capital of the investors is guaranteed.

  1. Canadian Investor Visa.
    Canadian investor visa is awarded to those individuals who willingly invest their capital in business, but it is not condition in this visa that the investor starts its business. The investment from the investors are trusted by provinces and territories, which is trust of this program. These institutes like provinces and territories keep in control the invested money for five years. The investment from the foreign investor will be used to create jobs and economic development. The invested amount will be returned to the investor without any interest after five years and three months. The return of investment is guaranteed by the participating provinces and territories. Canada-Quebec Accord the Quebec has its own immigrant investor program and the Quebec authority will responsible for this. Canada-Quebec accord shows that the Quebec has its own rules regarding this visa category, but they are about the same as general Canadian rules. The basic requirement for this visa are.

    1. The applicant for this visa program must have businesses background and can mange a business and have an experience of two years from last five years before applying this.
    2. The applicant must have a worth of at least $1.6 million and he will invest of $800,000 and paid to the Receiver General of Canada.

  1. Entrepreneur Category Visa.
    Entrepreneur visa program is launched from the Canadian government to entrepreneur from the world to establish business in Canada. This business visa allow the applicant to become a permanent resident of this country after three years. The entrepreneur must participate in qualifying business in Canada for at least one year and this business also provide an opportunity to entrepreneur to work in it. The dependant of the applicant also entertained the same way as applicant treated. Quebec has its own immigrant entrepreneur program that has about same requirements and responsibilities. These are few basic requirements for this entrepreneur visa.

    1. The applicant must have at least CA$300,000 require for this category of visa.
    2. The entrepreneur must have a business experience, can manage and control it in Canada.
    3. The entrepreneur visa holder must develop a business in Canada that provide at least one job to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

    3. Self-Employed Category Visa.

    The self-employed visa has no specific condition are necessary, but this type of immigrant must have experience, purpose and skill. The self-employed applicant must establish a business in Canada and create an opportunity for themselves. The self-employed have an experience in cultural activities or farm management. There is no strict rules for this visa and just the bearer of this visa have enough money for supporting himself and family members in Canada.

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