Business visa Australia

Business visa Australia

Australia is a develop country in the world and this country encourage the person having outstanding skills, qualification or have capital. The people who have handsome amount of money can easily get business visa in Australia. The Australian government want to attract the businessmen from the world having business background and skill. The Australian business visa has some basic requirements just as the businessman must have three to four years experience or applicant remind an executive of a large corporation at least three to four years experience or businessman have enough amounts of money for investment. So Australia appreciates the leading businessmen and help him to migration for business owners, investors and senior executives and settle all these permanently. Australia want from these executives or milliners to establish business in this country and provide jobs to local person use the skills that they have. On invitation of this business visa the applicant must have at least AUD800 000 that should be transferred to Australia within two years. It is also necessary for the business visa holder that he should not involve in illegal business or this type of activities. The followings are the basic classes of business visa for Australia.

  1. Business Owner Visa.
    This type of business owner visa is for this businessmen who are at the moment have businesses and they are supervising their business. They can apply for this business owner visa for Australia and this visa require some basic demands from the applicant.
    1. The applicant must have his business from last two to four years and the turnover of the company or business must be at least AU$500,000 annually.
    2. The applicant and his spouse together have net assets in a business must be at least AU$200,000 before the business visa application filing.
    3. The business and personal assets including spouse have a net value of at least AU$800,000 and this value is available to transfer to Australia in two years.
    4. Applicant must understand English and his/her age should be less than 45 years.
    5. An applicant must establish and participate in business in Australia and maintain his ownership status.2. Senior Executive Visa

This visa is for those applicants who have high-level executive position in an international businesses. The applicant for this business visa he must have had a leading position in international firm and have a successful career.
1. The applicant for this senior executive visa have an experience of heading or have top three levels of position in an organization where applicant was remained main policy designer for the last two to four years.
2. The business and personal assets have about at least AU$800,000 and this value should be available to transfer to Australia within two years. 3. The visa applicant must understand the professional English.
4. The age of visa applicant should be less than 45 years at visa applying time.
5. Applicant must have a strong commitment to starts or participate functionally in a qualifying business in Australia.

  1. Investor VisaThis business visa is for those ivnestors who want to invest handsome amount of money in Australia for speciifc time. The applicant must be sponsored by resonable regional authority of government in Australia.
  2. The applicant must have an experince in direct participation in one or more qualifying businesses or investment in such types of businesses in last one to five years before applying this visa.
  3. The involoment of applicant or spouse in a business and invest amount should be at least AU$750,000;
  4. The age at the time of applying to this visa should be less than 55 years.
    4. The applicant must have best management skill
  1. Established Business in Australia Visa

This permanent visa is for those who have already running their business in Australia are eligible. All such types of businessmen can apply on this visa to get a status as a permanent resident of this country.

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